September 14th, 2011

Annotated Bibliography

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Krumm, Pascale. “A Scandal In Bohemia” And Sherlock Holmes’s Ultimate Mystery Solved.” English Literature In Transition, 1880-1920 39.2 (1996): 193-203. Academic Search Complete. Web.
“A Scandal in Bohemia” gives a rare glimpse into the emotional side of Sherlock Holmes. Krumm points out that though Holmes was adamant about money into the beginning of the case, asking about his payment several times, he asks to keep the photograph of Adler instead of receiving a valuable emerald ring. There are many cases where once the author states something about the mechanical and precise reasoning of Sherlock Holmes, it’s then disproven by the appearance of Irene Adler. “Holmes is clearly off-balance and decentered, suffering from a loss of power which has been transferred to Adler.” (196) ““A Scandal in Bohemia” is the first and only story where Holmes is defeated by anyone.” Holmes cannot defeat Adler because he cannot figure her out. As Krumm says, she is the “other.” “Holmes’s attitude towards Adler is based on difference, as she is, by virtue of her gender, behaviorally and gentically other and therefore inscrutable (according to Victorian standards).” (197) Several times throughout the article, Krumm relates the story to Freud. “Nineteenth-century woman is seen as alien and alienating, an outsider, ot, to use Freud’s term, “a dark continent,” and the element of foreignness, of otherness always associated with that type of woman , is a reoccuring theme in “A Scandal in Bohemia.”” (194) Holmes himself echoes Freud in the story, as he “ponders the enigma of the female gender” (197) just as Freud tries to solve, “the riddle of femininity” (197) However, Irene Adler is referred to as the “late Irene Adler.” She is no longer a threat to Holmes or to England. “But, while for a brief time the world is turned upside down by Woman, the ultimate Male world order is finally restored.” (200)

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