December 17th, 2011

Bohemian Research

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This is the Writing Part from Web Wednesday 11/16

While doing research for, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” there wasn’t much that I could find about Sherlock Holmes and his relationships with women. I thought it was interesting how Holmes is thought to be a logical and rational man, so he therefore has nothing to do with women. As readers, we accept this. So it’s strange when we read the story and find that he acts a bit more tenderly towards Irene Adler. The idea that he might be interested in her is a bit shocking to Holmes followers. That in itself is strange. You’d think you’d be able to find more research about Holmes and his relationship with women, even more information about how Irene Adler is a femme fatale, completely on par with Holmes. I only really found one article that really delved into the issue. Am I searching incorrectly? It boggles the mind, actually. I think I need to try a few different databases. Where are the arguments being made that Irene is a feminist? Is her behavior strange for a woman in a detective story? I can only find facts about her as a character. There aren’t many arguments being made out there, unless my searches aren’t complete. I think I’ll try to research characteristics of Irene Adler. Maybe I’m being too general. I’ll try to do a search for, “psychology of revenge” or something and see where it takes me. Or…is that putting my own interpretation into the research? I should be researching objectively, so I don’t side with one of the arguments I find just yet. I should read them all and then come to a conclusion about Irene Adler’s place in Sherlock Holmes’ mind…

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