September 21st, 2011

Web Wed.

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So, we’re all done with our second Web Wednesday! I was significantly less stressed out this time, since I brought my laptop along with me. I have a nice spot in the Student Union in my club room (SciFi Anime Club! Come visit us, we’re a really active club!) and I finished my work in a very timely manner.

I was surprised when we were to comment on Second Life. o__o  I didn’t know that there were classes actually being conducted in the game. I play a lot of MMRPG’s online, at least I used to, so this was a surprise to me. These things are massively distracting! They literally suck you in. You’d think that being absorbed in something would help you to focus…that it’s a great way to get students to focus on the classwork online, but it’s more like…you’re absorbed in the gaming aspect. For a bit of a shameful example, I’m guilty of checking my favorite online blogs while ignoring the Eng170w blog and twitter. ): And adding on to this, one of the learning goals is, “Understand the conventions of and appreciate the skills required for the English major.” Well, Second Life certainly isn’t a conventional tool for English majors! It was fun to learn about it, and I appreciated that it’s a possible way for students to study and experience literature.

I think that in today’s Web Wednesday, we accomplished the goal, “Effectively use web-based technologies in order to read and publish academic writing.” We did web-based research on Second Life, and now we’re commenting on it. We also analyzed the Yeats poem together online, and published our interpretations of word’s connotations and denotations. Have I understood the goals properly? o___o I think I spent most of the first Web Wednesday just learning the ropes of having class online. Now that I’ve got the tech aspects pretty much down-pact, I feel like I learned a more, literature-wise, or maybe even more so English Major-wise. I think the highlight of the class was the Second Life mini-lesson. I learned that there are different ways to study literature, whether it be out hybrid way, the traditional way, or the Second Life way, totally engrossed in the virtual world…That’s kind of scary, isn’t it?

Ok, I for one, welcome our new computer overlords. D:

September 1st, 2011

First Post!

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Hi everyone~! How’s everyone doing on our first Web Wednesday? I’m having technical difficulties… Anyway, I’m really excited for us to start working on our short stories! I picked a kind of wet, cobblestoney English theme, because I was hoping to do some Sherlock Holmes! I had it mind since I took a look at the syllabus, and then bam! It’s in the list of short stories online. I hope it’s Englishy enough to do. : ) (Can you imagine with me, that Sherlock Holmes is looking for little details on the sidewalk in the banner?)

Listed are a couple of Sherlock stories, A Case of Identity, A Scandal in Bohemia, and the Red-Headed League where I think ginger-haired people are the bad guys of the story? Even though these stories were once only for entertainment and came in pulp magazines, I think they do have a lot of literary value. People study Sir Arthur Conan Doyle religiously, and some people even think Holmes was a real man… and even though the author himself didn’t think Holmes was a worthy subject to write about and preferred to write about history… I really love to read detective stories because of his work.

If Sherlock Holmes isn’t the right choice, I wouldn’t mind going for some Fitzgerald. His short story, “The Ice Palace” is really haunting, I think, and it’s timely, I think. I have a ton to say about Fitzgerald’s work. He’s definitely my favorite author. I’ll have to hunt, though, for something I haven’t read by him as yet…

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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